How YourAuction Works

How YourAuction Works

1) The Seller creates an Auction, chooses an Auction duration time limit, and has the option of setting a starting price or not.

2) The Auction ends after the time limit chosen by the seller (15min, 30min, 45min, 1hr, 24hr, 48hr, 1 week or 1 month).

3) The seller can Accept the highest bid at any stage before the Auction ends.

4) When the Auction ends, the highest Bidder receives an Email and App notification stating they have won the Auction. The seller AND highest bidder will now be able to Accept the bid.

5) The purpose of Accepting a bid is to go straight to chat with the Buyer or Seller. 

6) The highest Bidder navigates to "Auctions Won" and clicks the small Yellow Plus (+) Icon (on the Website), or clicks the 3 dots (in the App) and chooses "Accept".

- By choosing 'Accept' the Buyer is essentially 'Accepting' that they are willing to and comfortable with paying that price.

- If the Buyer 'Rejects' their bid (or doesn't act within 24 Hours), the next highest bidder will get notified until no more Buyers are available, or until one of the Buyers 'Accepts' their bid.

- Only a Buyer that 'Accepts' their bid, will get to chat with the Seller.

7) After choosing "Accept", the Buyer can chat with the Seller.

- To chat with the Seller in the App, swipe down the screen and it will change the status from "Won" to "Accepted". Press the 3 dots again, and click "chat".

8) The Buyer can now send the Seller a message stating the amount they bid along with discussing delivery/collection and payment options.

9) The seller will receive an Email and App notification informing them of a message received and can then reply and arrange the sale further.


Viewing Bid Amounts



  • - The Seller can view bid sizes in "Your Auctions". In the dropdown that says "Pending Auctions", you can choose between "All Auctions", "Successful Auctions" and "Unsuccessful Auctions".
  • - Under the "Action" column, click the 3 dots and choose "View Bids".



  • - The Buyer can view bid sizes in "Your Bids" and "Auctions Won". You will see your last bid amount under the "Bid" column.
  • - To view the current bids on that Auction from others, click the 3 dots under the "Action" column and choose "View Bids".


Creating an Auction

When you create your auction, the following details can be included:

- Product Name

- Category (Your product will auction inside this category).

- Auction Time Limit (15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour, 24 hours, 48 hours, 1 week, 1 month).

- Auction Starting Time

- Choose Starting Price (Choose a price that’s low enough that it will attract bids, but high enough that would make you happy selling it for at least that price).

- County

- City

- Postcode

- Delivery Option (Select your preference of either collection or delivery so bidders know).

- Product Description (List all the details of your product).

- Additional Notes (List any extra info the bidder needs to know).

- Images (Upload relevant product images or documentation)(If you select multiple images, the first image you choose will be the main image).

Add Product (Your auction will begin in the chosen category after clicking this).




- When you submit a bid, you will be able to increase your bid in particular increments. (See bidding increments for more information).



Email Alerts

YourAucion automatically sends you important auction email alerts that need to land in your inbox so you don’t miss out on any alerts relating to the auctions you create and the bids you make.

If they land in your junk folder, you won’t know what’s happening with your auctions and bids.

Please mark the first few emails from YourAuction as “not junk” so that future emails end up in your inbox and not your junk folder.



How To Mark Emails as Not Junk

- Check your junk folder for emails from YourAuction.

- Open the email and look for 3 vertical dots. (You may see two sets of 3 vertical dots).

- Click on both, and you will find that one of them will show the option “not junk”.

- Click “not junk” and the email will then go to the inbox.