Faq Why can't I bid a specific amount of money on an auction?

The minimum bid is 50 cent, and applies to all Auctions, whatever the reserve price. Therefore, we have created a fixed bid increment structure with the use of + and - buttons when submitting a bid. To see our bidding increment structure, visit: https://www.yourauction.ie/page/bidding-increments

Faq How do I win an auction?

When you submit a bid, the seller will have the option to accept that bid. If the seller accepts the bid, you will be notified and you both will be able to chat. The seller will be brought straight to chat after accepting the bid and will most likely send you a message straight away. When you receive a message you will be notified to go to the chat section. Alternatively, if the seller doesn't accept any bids and the Auction ends, the highest bidder will have 24 hours to accept the bid they submitted. If they accept the bid, the chat option will appear. The goal is to get interested buyers and sellers to chat.

Faq How long do I have to accept or reject my bid? (I was the highest bidder)

After every auction ends, the highest bidder gets notified if he/she would like to accept or reject the bid they originally made. If the highest bidder does not respond to this within 1 hour i.e. accept or reject, then the next highest bidder will be notified and this process continues until one of the bidders accepts to pay for the bid they made. You can visit "winning bids" in your dashboard to view the accept and reject options on the auction you have won.

Faq How can I report a user?

Please visit the "Contact Us" page on the homepage and submit your details and message and we will respond to you at our earliest convenience. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we will strive to ensure this. In the near future, we will be including the ability to rate and review other users.

Faq *IMPORTANT* Why am I not receiving email alerts to tell me when my auction ends, or when I have received bids?

When you receive an email from YourAuction, it may land in your Junk folder. Please mark these emails as not junk so that you can receive auction alerts to your inbox. For example, you will receive email alerts notifying you when you have received a bid, when your auction has ended or when you need to accept the bid you placed. If you do not mark these first few emails as not junk, you will miss out on the important alerts relating to your auction and your bids placed. To mark emails as not junk, go into the email you received. Now you should see two sets of 3 vertical dots. One set of vertical dots will be to the right of the email, the other set of vertical dots will be at the very top right hand corner of the phone screen. Click these dots and then click "Not Junk".

Faq Seller won't reply in chat

When you (the bidder) send a message to chat with the seller, the seller will receive an alert to their email saying that they have received a message. Unfortunately, if the seller does not reply to this message, we don't have any way around that yet. We will do our best to make YourAuction as user friendly and as reliable as possible as time goes on.

Faq My Auction ended but I'm confused as to what to do next

When your Auction ends, you need to wait a while for certain things to happen. First, you need to wait for the highest bidder to Accept or Reject their bid submission. If they Reject, or they simply don't do anything within the 1 hour time frame, the next highest bidder gets notified to Accept or Reject their bid submission. This will cycle through until someone Accepts OR until nobody has Accepted their bid submission at all. Don't worry though, because all you need to do is wait for an email titled 'Your Auction Needs Attention'. This email you receive means that someone has Accepted their bid, or nobody has Accepted their bid. This email will explain everything you need to know.

Faq How do I upload multiple images?

Choose upload images, then select the first image, hold down CTRL and select the remaining images. On mobile, press down for 2 seconds when choosing the first image. This will now allow you to choose multiple images.

Faq How do I delete an Auction?

Login and go to 'Your Auctions' in your profile menu. Look for the Auction you want to delete. There is a button called 'Actions' beside the Auction. Click that and choose delete. On PC, click the little yellow + icon beside the Auction and you will then see the 'Actions' button.

Faq How do I relist an Auction

If your product doesn't receive any bids,but you intend to reupload it again, maybe at a lower starting price, then reslisting is the perfect option for you. Login and go to 'Your Auctions' in your profile menu. Look for the Auction you want to relist. There is a button called 'Actions' beside the Auction. Click that and choose relist. On PC, click the little yellow + icon beside the Auction and you will then see the 'Actions' button. Note*If you made an error when creating an Auction, and wish to change something, relist your Auction THEN go back and delete the old Auction in 'Your Auctions' section in your profile menu.

Faq How do I view bids or accept a bid

Go to 'Your Auctions', go to 'Pending Auctions', click the 3 dots beside the Auction you want to view under the 'Action' column. Choose 'View Bids'. In there, you can accept a bid by clicking the 3 dots under 'Action' and choosing accept. Then, a chat box will appear so you can send the buyer a message. The buyer will be notified by email and app notification and will respond in due course.